50 Essential Poses

50 Essential Poses

“The practice, in essence, is about creating an internal experience of stillness where you are able to perceive in a very vivid, clear, non-dual way.”
-Roshi Joan Halifax

Greetings Everyone!

Whenever I offer an extended practice called “50 Essential Poses,” I feel compelled to address the implicit question of that class title, namely, “essential to what?” The poses that we typically practice around here are designed to move the body in non-habitual directions, sometimes all at once, so that we can experience internal equipoise. This inner balance is a vital precursor to mental stillness, and the ensuing experience of quietness helps us to see the world in more of a non-dual way. Come join me this Sunday, October 30, from 1:00-3:00pm for a supremely satisfying practice. We will actively move through all 50 poses on the FSY syllabus in order to prepare ourselves for the contemplative stillness of savasana and seated meditation. Class size is limited, as usual, so be sure to reserve your spot now.

Hope to see you in class soon!