Welcome to Freret Street Yoga!

We offer high-quality, down-to-earth instruction in a friendly and serene environment. Whether your goals are to build strength, increase energy, reduce stress, relieve back pain, or experience calmness of mind, we feel very strongly that yoga will help you achieve them.

In contemporary civilized society, there are so many distractions that overwhelm us and throw us out of balance. While we might not recognize the underlying cause, we certainly feel the symptoms of being out of balance – a general sense of irritability, depression, and anxiety, just to name a few. Or, at the very least, most of us experience specific symptoms of imbalance, such as back pain, headaches, and sluggish digestion. The practice of yoga represents one reliable way to restore an individual’s sense of balance. It is a time-tested method for self-care and sustainable wellbeing.

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What style of yoga is this?

At FSY we teach Hatha Yoga, which is essentially the yoga of embodiment. We focus on posture and breath because these are two reliable tools that help us both recognize our habits and move us back toward balance in a concrete way. Our style emphasizes both alignment and movement to produce a practice that is safe, enjoyable, and effective.


But what if I’m too inflexible to do yoga?

Doesn’t that sound almost as ridiculous as saying, ‘But what if my tooth hurts too bad to go to the dentist?’ Just begin right where you are. We’ll help you modify the poses so that you can practice in a way that feels challenging but not overwhelming. Everyone can enjoy the feeling of lightness and internal spaciousness that comes from improved balance in the body.


What do I need to bring to my first class?

Just wear anything that you’re comfortable in that doesn’t restrict your movement. You are welcome to use our mats at no additional charge. Also, we recommend that you avoid eating a heavy meal right before class since some of the twisting and folding postures may cause a bit of discomfort!


What are those weird looking ropes that I see on your website used for?

The wall ropes are an example of what are known in the yoga world as ‘props.’ These are fantastic tools that can help you experience some of the more challenging poses with stability and ease while reducing the risk of injury.