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Freret Street Yoga’s Core Classes

Level 1+

A class for beginners & beyond

These classes emphasize the cultivation of a reliable foundation. Proper alignment in standing poses and precise movement in modified sun salutations will enable students to practice safely and effectively for the rest of their life. Although these classes are perfectly accommodating to those who are newer to the practice, even advancing beginners and intermediate students will be challenged at their personal frontier. Mild hip opening, shoulder opening, backbending, and twisting postures will be introduced in a progressive way that underscores their essential actions.

Level 2+

Enjoy the blend of alignment, movement, and breath

These classes weave sun salutations and standing poses together to produce a practice that is fluid and challenging. Deeper explorations of hip opening, shoulder opening, backbending and twisting postures will enable students to refine the awareness of their physical center in order to calm and clarify the mind. These classes will also introduce the key steps toward practicing inverted postures; however, one does not need to be proficient with them in any way in order to participate in and enjoy class. Sufficient understanding of the sun salutations and standing poses are the only pre-requisites.

Level 3

Deepen your integration of mind, body, and breath

These classes are designed for intermediate and advanced practitioners who have already been exposed to the nuts and bolts of how to approach inverted poses safely and confidently. Longer holds in both the inversions and forward bends, as well as attempts at challenging backbends, will prepare students to explore the nuances of breath experiments and seated meditation.



Additional Classes Offered

Learning the Ropes

This class will incorporate the wall ropes throughout the entire practice in a wide range of poses that will vary from week to week. Students will learn how conventional poses should ideally feel through the support that the ropes provide. Additionally, students will develop core and arm strength and become more comfortable with going upside down. After only one taste of this class, you will want to install ropes in your own home!

Yoga After Dark

After Hours Yoga

This is an all levels class that accommodates an atypical schedule. Perfect for students and service industry workers that are unable to make it to class during the day. This well-rounded class will feature mild backbends, hip openers, and shoulder openers that are ideal after a long shift or a day spent studying. The start of class will feature active standing poses to help alleviate the anxieties and stress of the day and finish with restorative poses to ease you into a restful night’s sleep.

Happy Hour Yoga

This class is designed to help you smoothly transition both mentally and physically from the go-go-go craziness of the week into a happy and relaxing weekend. Each class will have some standing poses, back bending and forward bending poses, as well as twists and nurturing restorative poses for a well-rounded practice. Come recharge your batteries and start your weekend right! Practitioners of all levels (including beginners!) are welcome.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga fosters physical, mental, and emotional balance. Restorative poses typically are seated or supine, supported by props. The use of props makes it possible to hold poses for an extended period of time, which in turn allows you to maintain balance while you are stimulating and relaxing your body. A restorative practice offers a refreshing counterpoint to an active asana practice and a stressful work week.

Cool Yoga

As opposed to “hot” yoga which can feel rushed and adrenaline producing, Cool Yoga’s intention is to leave you cool-headed and calm. In this all-levels class we move through poses that ground and invigorate, while leaving time for pranayama, savasana, and meditation. When the body is warm and the head is cool, we tap in to an innate sense of balance. Cool Yoga is a groovy serotonin party.