Core Cleanse Workshop

Core Cleanse Workshop

“God is the ground we walk on, the food we eat, and the gratitude we express, to no one in particular, as naturally as breathing.”
Stephen Mitchell



Greetings Everyone!

I’m sure that most of you are so busy preparing for tomorrow’s feast that you hardly have time to read this newsletter. So I’ll keep it brief! Just a reminder that we still have some spots open in Friday’s Core Cleanse workshop. This will be a detoxifying practice of hip openers and abdominal twists that will culminate in some of the more esoteric Hatha yoga practices, such as uddiyana bandha, nauli, and maha mudra. Have no idea what those Sanskrit words mean? Aren’t you kind of curious? Conquer lethargy and heaviness with this unique extended practice so that you can enjoy all of the other meals throughout the weekend. 🙂 Claim your spot now.

Hope to see you soon! Happy Thanksgiving!