Essential Practice this Sunday

Essential Practice this Sunday

“The practice, in essence, is about creating an internal experience of stillness where you are able to perceive in a very vivid, clear, non-dual way.”
-Joan Halifax

Greetings Everyone!

A few months ago I heard a fascinating radio interview with a man named Gordon Hempton, who declared that “silence is an endangered species.” I had never thought about silence quite like that, but it made me realize that one of the main things I treasure about the yoga practice is its ability to make me internally quiet. It’s not that I don’t hear sounds coming from both outside and inside of me during yoga; it’s just that I notice an absence of noise. Noise seems to be the running commentary of likes and dislikes, of future anticipations and past speculations. Noise is the mental overlay that clouds my perception of reality and diminishes my enjoyment of life.

What still blows me away is that the people who pioneered these practices hundreds and hundreds of years ago figured out that when the energy of the body is flowing freely through appropriate channels, the energy of the mind begins to slow down. How neat that you can move your body into stillness in order to experience mental silence, which is really pure presence. If you are as enamored as I am by the possibility of presence, by the potential for grace, by the hope that we can be awake in this lifetime, then join me this Sunday, July 9 from 1:00-3:00pm for one of my favorite extended practices, 50 Essential Poses. We will move swiftly, yet unhurriedly through all 50 poses on the FSY syllabus so that you can experience embodied balance and drop into an exquisite stillness that will refresh all levels of your being. Space is limited, as usual, so be sure to reserve your spot now.

Hope to see you soon!

Take care,