Extended Practice Bonanza

Extended Practice Bonanza

“Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”

-Mary Oliver

Greetings Everyone!

I was discussing the current state of affairs in the yoga world with a fellow studio owner from San Francisco recently, and she was expressing the challenges of keeping her business afloat in an environment where corporate yoga powerhouses are buying up smaller studios to magnify their brand and maximize their profits. Apparently one of the teachers at her studio had told her that this phenomenon was not such a bad thing because at least these monopolists were “keeping yoga relevant.” My friend pondered the logic of this statement and then rebutted, “Actually, it’s stress that is keeping yoga relevant in today’s world.”

Doesn’t it seem like we hear a new story every day that demonstrates the horrific extent to which contemporary society has fallen out of balance? I’m thinking of the enraged driver who ran over a pregnant woman in a crosswalk because he was simply too impatient to wait for pedestrians. Or the guy in Florida who premeditatedly shot some teenagers because he couldn’t stand the quality and volume of the music they were playing. One doesn’t even need to know all of the details of such stories to conclude that the perpetrators of these crimes are deeply disturbed individuals who must have been suffering a great deal inwardly to have committed such vile acts.

While it might not be on nearly the same level, I’ll bet that most of us can relate, if we are totally honest with ourselves, to that tipping point of frustration where our reactions to unpleasant stimuli are not commensurate with the actual stimuli themselves. We lose our temper and curse out loud when someone takes “our” spot in the Whole Foods parking lot. We spaz out over innumerable little things like this when the fact is that they were simply the last straws in a huge amalgamation of stress. Let’s nip that tendency in the bud, both for our own well-being and for the sake of everyone else in the community. Come join us this weekend for a series of stress-reduction classes that are sure to leave you with a level head, wide heart, and feet that are back down to earth. On Saturday, Claiborne will lead a 90-minute Yoga Tune Up class that will re-calibrate your joints and culminate in a deeply relaxing yoga nidra session. On Sunday, I’ll be leading the ever popular Learning the Ropes class at 11am and then an extended practice at 1pm that will feature 90 minutes of good, strong asana, followed by 30 minutes of reclined pranayama and seated meditation. As usual, you can sign up for any or all three by visiting the FSY web site or by clicking the big button below.

Weekend Extended Practice

Of course if you can’t make it to class this weekend, practice completing your exhalations with a soft jaw and see what that does to your state of mind. Hope to see you soon!

Take care,