Fall Ropes Class

Fall Ropes Class

“To understand that there is no security is far more than to agree with the theory that all things change, more even to observe the transitoriness of life. The notion of security is based on the feeling that there is something within us which is permanent, something which endures through all the days and changes of life.” -Alan Watts


Greetings Everyone!

As we’ve been re-examining the actions of the feet in standing poses all week, some of you have heard me recite the FSY aphorism that “It is not possible to feel secure if you feel insecure.” Sounds tautological and ridiculous, doesn’t it? What I mean is that it is not possible to feel psychologically secure if one feels physically insecure, and this reflects the yogic presupposition that the mind and body are not two separate things but rather two aspects of one thing. But after pondering the Alan Watts quote above, I’ve realized that I used the word ‘security’ when ‘stability’ really would have been more accurate. For the deeper function of yogic technologies is to reveal the hallucination of the ego sensation. Being able to stand evenly on one’s own two feet in tadasana is important for emotional stability; however, it is ultimately more important to experience the quietness and emptiness and openness of that pose, which are the hallmarks of being completely aligned with the flow of life.

Come join me this Sunday at 1pm for an interesting Learning the Ropes class, during which we will use the stability of these props to safely turn our bodies upside down so that we may gain a different perspective on what it means to stand rightside-up. Remember that we only have 13 sets of ropes at the studio, so you’ll want to reserve your spot now.

And if you’ll permit me one more announcement, I am thrilled to report the reinstatement of a very popular class that we haven’t had on the schedule for the last two years: Yoga for Teens. Taught by Lisa Kelly, mother of two teenage daughters and graduate of our Advanced Studies/Teacher Training Program, this welcoming and lighthearted class is designed to introduce teenagers to the fundamentals of yoga so that they may cultivate internal resources that will enable them to handle the challenges of life in a calm and balanced manner. Yoga for Teens takes place every Wednesday from 7:15-8:15pm, so come check it out.¬†Hope to see you in class soon!