Ode to the Pause

Ode to the Pause

“So we have enjoyment, we are fee. We feel free to express ourselves because we are ready to fade into emptiness. When we are trying to be active and special and to accomplish something, we cannot express ourselves. Small self will be expressed, but big self will not appear from the emptiness. From the emptiness only, great self appears.”
-Shunryu Suzuki

Greetings Everyone!

I don’t know about you, but I feel simultaneously repleted and depleted today. I am full of inspiration and wonder at having witnessed some powerful musical performances over the weekend, and I am wiped-out by having lapped the Fairgrounds multiple times in the welcomed, yet intense sun. The few days between Jazz Fest weekends always seem like the perfect time to pause — not out of a sense of hedonistic guilt or anything — but so that we can simply renew our inner resources and prepare ourselves to celebrate the uniqueness of New Orleans culture next weekend too! The funny thing about the word “pause” is that it is often associated with hesitation, doubt, or being unsure. But one thing that’s certain from my perspective is that without proper periods of pause, without emptiness, without stillness, nothing can exist at all. It’s sort of like the way that one can’t even appreciate musical sounds without knowing the corresponding backdrop of silence. And so that’s what we shall be practicing during the public classes this week. Come check out Tamarin’s Cool Yoga at 6pm on Wednesday night and you’ll feel the reprieve of cooling and quieting your body/mind. Meanwhile Keith will be highlighting poses that rejuvenate the feet, ankles, hips, and lower back in both his Level 1+ class this evening and in his ever-popular Restorative Yoga class at 4pm on Sunday. I will be sharing one of my all-time favorite recipes for cultivating inner coolness, stillness, and silence through forward bends and twists. And of course, all of our other fabulous teachers will be using their own tools and techniques for helping you recover, recharge, and refresh.

Hope to see you soon! Happy 50th Jazz Fest!

Take care,