Extended Practice on Sunday, Sept 15th

Extended Practice on Sunday, Sept 15th

“It is not the degree of willing or trying, but the way in which the energy is directed that is going to make the willing or trying effective.”

~ F.M. Alexander

Greetings everyone!

Please don’t think that I am committing Saints blasphemy by promoting an extended practice on this upcoming Sunday, September 15. We’re all enjoying a little extra pep in our step after taking down the Dirty Birds, and I don’t want to disrupt our collective focus versus the Bucs or interfere with any pre-game rituals. But many of you have been asking me about the delicious extended practice sessions that we are used to doing on Sunday afternoons. So I figured that since the Saints don’t start until 3:05pm this week, we should most definitely resurrect our old routine. Come join me from 1:00-3:00pm (sharp!) for a well-rounded practice that will explore one of my favorite themes — how to do everything with more ease and less effort. We’ll use wall ropes, chairs, and bolsters in order to get a sense of how we can direct the flow of energy in the body. In this way we’ll see if we can “use the force” instead of forcing our bodies into weird and exotic shapes. As usual, the cost of the extended practice is $25 and space is limited. Be sure to pre-register by emailing gr@freretstreetyoga.com…. It kind of brings a tear to my eye writing that last sentence because this will be the very last time that you’ll ever have to email me to reserve your spot. Starting next week you’ll be able to both sign up and pay for classes on line! I’ll miss the personal electronic interactions that we used to have, but I bet we’ll both appreciate the convenience of this new system in the same way that we enjoy being able to pay for gas right at the pump. Hope to see you soon!

Take care,