Summer Retreat 2015

Summer Retreat 2015

“There is no way of living without anxiety, but there is a way of holding ourselves that is larger than any particular worry and allows our constant sense that something is wrong to fall into a natural hierarchy of experience.”
David Whyte


Greetings Everyone!

I spent yesterday evening preparing and packing for this weekend’s spring retreat up in Covington, and so naturally I’ve been thinking about why we even need retreats in the first place. To periodically step out of our ordinary routines, not as a way of escape but rather as a way of reconnecting with our Self, gives us a fresh perspective on life. We remember what baseline actually feels like in our body when we are nourished by healthy food and allowed the time to fully digest the effects of our yoga practice. We rediscover that vast space in our heart and in our mind which renews our appreciation for all the blessings that we’ve taken for granted. We are inspired and emboldened by our interactions with fellow retreat attendees who are smart, kind, and interesting. And we experience, in the words of David Whyte, “a way of holding ourselves that is larger than any particular worry.”

Many of you were bummed to miss the spring retreat because of graduations and other important scheduling conflicts. Fortunately the summer one is right around the corner! If you’ve always been interested in a retreat but hesitant to completely commit, then please talk to one of the previous attendees about how special they are. In the spirit of all of the classes at FSY, our retreats are deep and rewarding but lighthearted and fun. I do anticipate the summer retreat filling up rather quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot now.