Summer Retreat

Summer Retreat

“Whatever perspective you have arranged for yourself on the surface, there is always another perspective that makes the original idea of your self seem absurd.”

David Whyte

Greetings Everyone!

One of the greatest gifts that the yoga practice has to offer is the ability for us to change perspectives. We get small tastes of this internal shift when we come out of poses like headstand and shoulderstand. Often times it becomes quite obvious that while our external circumstances haven’t changed, our relationship to them has been dramatically altered. When we have the opportunity to see our lives from a different point of view, the absurdity that surfaces becomes such a relief because we stop taking our selves so seriously. I’m sure that many of you have had this experience after travelling to less affluent countries. You see poor people with very few material possessions who appear to be way happier than neurotic Americans who have an over-abundance of wealth and gadgets.

Periodic changes in perspective are an important part staying balanced and living a harmonious life. While we might not always have the time or resources to travel abroad, we can probably carve out a couple of days to gain a different vantage point on our ordinary lives so that we can reevaluate and rediscover what gives us meaning. It is with this intention that I would like to cordially invite you to the Rivers Retreat Center in nearby Covington for a weekend of unhurried yoga and deeply nourishing meals prepared by Chef Amie Havens from Superfood Bar. Several of you were able to join me on the summer solstice retreat in 2012, and we all had so much fun practicing inside the screened-in pavillion while being serenaded by crickets. We had tons of time to hang out by the pool, read books, write in our journals, and either laugh with our friends or be quiet by ourselves. However it is that you’d like to enjoy a weekend yoga retreat in a beautiful setting, you will be guaranteed to do so and you will re-enter your daily life feeling refreshed and re-inspired. Find out more details and reserve your spot now by clicking the big button below.

Summer Retreat

Hope to see you soon!

Take care,