Geoffrey is a storehouse of deep understanding of yoga and yoga teaching. His genuine quest for self-knowledge through his practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation has enabled him to leap like Hanuman over many of the obstacles that obscure the light of the soul. He can guide you through the physical alignment that leads to ease of breath and quietness of the mind. Study with him and you will be led to the essence of yoga and yourself.”

Rodney Yee, Internationally acclaimed teacher and author of Moving Toward Balance

Geoffrey has been a student of mine for many years, and in all honesty, of all my students, I would be hard pressed to name a more sincere and dedicated practitioner of the art and science of Hatha Yoga. As a teacher, I’ve watched him grow from a yoga baby to a yoga adult, and the transformation has been impressive. If you are looking for a teacher that can lead you through all aspects of the practice with great skill and compassion, look no further.”

Richard Rosen, Contributing Editor, Yoga Journal Magazine

Geoffrey’s ability to apply yoga movements and concepts specifically to the pupils, in this case, professional basketball players, is astounding. He really took the time to break down individual movements in order to create a routine that would benefit each athlete. In addition, Geoffrey made a concerted effort to make sure that each person knew how to do each pose, why it was important to master, how it was beneficial, and most importantly he focused on the necessity of comfortable progression.”

Carlos Daniel, Strength and Conditioning Coach of the New Orleans Pelicans

My wife and I have been taking private yoga lessons from Geoffrey for the past year and it has changed our lives. His unique teaching style allows each of us to learn at our own pace while maximizing the benefits of the practice. If you want to look better and feel better, give Geoffrey a try — we recommend him unconditionally!”

John Stumpf, CEO Wells-Fargo

I really enjoy practicing at Freret Street Yoga. Geoffrey knows every one by name. Before long, the friendliness rubs off onto the students and you begin to make friends with the
regulars in your classes. By making the practice of yoga very accessible to a variety of students, the knowledgeable teachers at Freret Street are growing the local yoga community in New Orleans.”

Brooke Bailey, Founder of Yogalagniappe

You know how you have one, maybe two, truly great teachers in your life — in any subject — who rearranged and reinspired the way you thought about everything? Geoffrey is one of those teachers. And he keeps getting better, like a great Burgundy.”

Eric Gower, San Francisco Chronicle columnist

Geoffrey’s style of teaching is so accessible and grounded, playful and inquisitive! I’ve flown across country to attend retreats with Geoffrey, so I welcome the idea of bringing him into my home on-demand and at my convenience. Our trainees hail from all over the country and can’t always practice with our senior teachers so I am sure they will appreciate being able to have a more consistent access to his teachings as well.”

Gillian Cilibrasi, Program Director, Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program

“Geoffrey is a natural teacher. He has deep knowledge and experience, but he is able to communicate in a way that works for students of all levels. He’s approachable, and he makes yoga approachable.”

Nathan Laffin, VP Creative Design, Dockers