The Gift of Well-Being

The Gift of Well-Being

“Gravity functions as a source of support for a body whose structure is aligned around a predominantly vertical axis. To be in conflict with gravity is to be in conflict with life. Align the body, and suffering begins to shed itself.”
-Will Johnson

Greetings Everyone!

Sometimes when I practice seated meditation, I am graced to discover a particular alignment between my pelvis and legs whereby it feels as though I am sitting on top of an underground geyser that billows my whole body upward. It’s like one of those cartoons where the guy kicks over a fire hydrant and the gush of water coming out from the sidewalk sends him skyrocketing into the air. Or like when Charlie and his grandfather steal the fizzy lifting drinks from Willy Wonka and they start floating up 20 stories to the top of the chocolate factory. It feels so exquisitely good, so literally uplifting, that I desperately want to share that experience with others. This is the source of my passion for teaching alignment in yoga. And if you are reading this newsletter, chances are you’ve had similar glimpses of the lightness of being that yoga can provide. So why not consider some yoga equipment this year during your holiday shopping? Here are a few suggestions for items that will help you, or your loved ones, find alignment of body and peace of mind. They are all available in the robust retail section of our studio (aka the top of the bookshelf :).

1) Jade Yoga Mats
The texture of these mats is grippy enough for me to experience true stability in all of the standing poses. When I am secure in my feet and stable in my legs, I feel present in my body and therefore less anxious in my mind. Additionally, the lightness of these mats makes them ideal for travel, and their thinness improves my responsiveness in balancing poses. Of course, these are the same mats that we use at the studio, but especially if you’ve been practicing for a while, isn’t it time you bought your own?!

2) 10′ Yoga Straps
The versatility of this simple prop is endless. I use one every day for the reclined leg stretch series or to open the front of my chest and lengthen my neck via “the yoga brassiere.” Similar to our yoga mats, the lightweight, compact nature of this prop makes it ideal for travel. This is an alignment gem.

3) Eye Bags
No, this prop doesn’t create bags under your eyes, it alleviates them. I almost feel inauthentic teaching you guys Corpse Pose without eye bags because I use one every single day when I practice conscious relaxation. The gentle pressure of the lavender-scented flax seeds on your eyes helps to quiet the brain and soothe the nerves. Especially with our addiction to iPhones and screens of all sorts, this one piece of equipment is a boon to modern living and a powerful antidote to stress.

4) Gift Certificates
Skeptical of buying more gear during the materialistic deluge that is the American holiday season? Totally understandable. So just remember that you could always give someone the experience of presence, instead of more boxed presents, in the form of an FSY gift card.

5) Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico
Speaking of experience, this one is going to be epic. I’ve led retreats in Hawaii, Northern California, Northern Idaho, and on the north shore of New Orleans, but never have I been so excited about a setting. There are currently only 4 spots left on this trip, and it promises to be the ultimate in rejuvenation and inspiration. Check out all of the details and claim your spot now.

Hope to see you soon!

Take care,