“The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”
-Charles Du Bos

Greetings Everyone!

It seems like many of us are transitioning back into a normal routine after the disruption of Hurricane Harvey and the long Labor Day weekend that followed. While we continue to send prayers and supplies to our neighbors in Houston, we are reminded of what a tremendous blessing it is to have our basic survival needs met, not to mention the extra good fortune of being able to practice yoga. As cliche as it sounds to say that unforeseen changes and crises are opportunities for new growth and progress, many New Orleanians know through personal experience that this can in fact be true. We express our sincere gratitude for all that we are, and we open ourselves to the possibilities for what we could become.

Yoga has traditionally viewed the human body as the microcosm for everything that is happening on all macro levels. It feels, therefore, entirely appropriate right now to focus our practice on transitions and establishing strong foundations. Many of you have asked me over the years how to make the transition from our Level 1+ to our Level 2+ classes, and I have always said that the key difference is that in Level 2+, we begin to explore the inverted poses. That simple distinction is enough to dissuade anyone who is reluctant to turn their body upside down. But I firmly believe that if approached progressively rather than aggressively and intelligently rather than haphazardly, then anyone can reap the benefits that these treasured poses provide: vitality, clarity, and serenity. Come join me this Sunday from 1:00-3:30pm for Transitions, a long overdue workshop that will give you the essential tools for practicing the inverted poses and for feeling confident in attending the Level 2+ classes. Space is limited so as to ensure plenty of individualized attention and support, so be sure to reserve your spot now.

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, we got an app! Search for “My FSY” in the Apple App or Google Play stores and download to get all the latest notifications about workshops, deals, and classes. Hope to see you soon!

Take care,