Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat

“We must start in an entirely different way. We must first come to enough inner quiet so that we can feel what may really be needed at this moment. Then stretching will become discovery and not performance, a meditation instead of an exercise. When we have come closer to real stillness, in which we can feel the very beginning of a movement, we will let it begin at its own time and then follow it as it evolves and gains power, leading us on its own path into virgin territory, where no experts have been.”
-Charles Brooks

Greetings Everyone!

It feels like there are many different storms brewing right now, not just the ones emanating from the Gulf of Mexico or threatening the Atlantic seaboard. And so a fundamental question worth asking ourselves is, how are we going to reside in the eye of each storm rather than being tossed around by the destructive force of the winds? Yoga, meditation, and prayer are vitally important in today’s world because they bring us back to neutrality and restore our faculties of clarity and compassion. If any of that sounds compelling to you, or if you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted, then come join me and Meg Whitbread this weekend for an Urban Retreat. We had such a positive response from the first time we did this last spring that we decided to add an extra day to maximize the potency of the experience. By affording ourselves ample time to feel and to become quiet, we will create favorable conditions for accessing stillness. This is the well from which tremendous healing energies flow. Reserve your spot now, and remember that you do not have to commit to both days in order to participate. Any amount of time that you can dedicate to self-care will have positive repercussions for all other aspects of your life.

Hope to see you soon!

Take care,