On Well-Being

On Well-Being

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.” -Thomas Merton

Greetings Everyone!

Perhaps this image came to me because I just recently witnessed the birth of my daughter, but the other day when I was standing in Mountain Pose I had the vivid sensation of my whole body as an umbilical cord between ground and sky. This is not something that I ordinarily feel when standing in line at the grocery store. But after having opened the soles of my feet and freed my hips through some standing poses, I literally felt a surge of vitality flowing from the ground all the way up through my core to the crown of my head. It was like my whole body had helium streaming through it because there was nothing but a sense of lightness in all of my joints. And then it occurred to me that this artesian well of energy is actually always available to me if I can just remember to tap into it…

Can you tell that I am excited to teach and share what I am learning from this practice after my brief paternity leave? Come join me this Sunday from 1:00-3:00pm for an inspired practice that I’ve called¬†Well-Being. A dear friend of mine recently clued me into the idea that the origin of the word ‘well-being’ might have actually come from the sensation one has of being uplifted by an invisible underground well. In this extended practice we will experiment in the laboratory of our bodies to see if this notion has any validity. Now, I know that some will call me a heretic for scheduling this class right smack in the middle of a Saints home game. And to those people I can only respond that my experience of witnessing last Sunday’s loss in the Dome did so much to dampen my spirits that I made an internal vow to do something positive and of service during game time this week. I haven’t lost faith in our team and I will definitely watch the recording later that evening, but this is one class you won’t want to miss. Space is limited because we’ll need to make use of the wall ropes for our inversions.

Hope to see you there!