Yoga For Kids!

Yoga For Kids!

“There are no wrong notes, only wrong resolutions.”
-Thelonious Monk

Greetings Everyone!

Whenever I teach yoga to kids, I am constantly astounded, not by the fluidity of their hip joints or the suppleness of their spine, but by their utter lack of fear when it comes to making mistakes. Adults, by contrast, seem terrified of doing something wrong. It’s almost like they are bracing themselves for a bad review from the American Idol judge panel when they sing a wrong note in their pose. Maybe this is partly my fault for being a teacher who actually cares about the sacred geometry and energetic harmony of alignment. But I can’t help thinking that if we could all recapture some of that childlike playfulness and curiosity in our yoga practice, we could reclaim our native intelligence and natural movement. After all, if we don’t ever fall out of tree pose, how can we truly experience the resolution of center?

Many of you have been requesting a kids yoga class at FSY for the last several years; therefore, I am thrilled to announce our upcoming¬†Kids Yoga Summer Camp. From the beginning of June through the end of July, this camp will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-3:00pm. Children ages 5-8 will meet on Tuesdays, while 9-12 year olds will meet on Thursdays. Each section will be led by the lovely Katherine Quayhagen, who not only does such a great job managing the studio and leading several of our public and private classes, but who also holds a certification in teaching yoga to children. We’ve limited the number of participants to 13 because kids love the wall ropes and we only have that many sets in the studio. So be sure to register your child now!