Yoga for Sanity

Yoga for Sanity

“Why do silent moments on wilderness trips when the membrane between inner and outer mind seems to dissolve and one experiences the vast, ecological self later seem so remote from the possibilities of daily life? There is no cultural support for the experiencing of self beyond the human-centered confines of a culture that is hostile to nature.”

– Charlene Spretnak

Greetings Everyone!

During my flight home from San Francisco on Tuesday night, there was a huge red placard in the seat pocket in front of me that said, “Internet On Board: Stay Connected to Everything That Really Matters.” I found this quite odd considering that I had just come off of a week of no internet access while leading our spring retreat to Oz Farm in the beautiful Mendocino hills. I didn’t feel deprived of meaning or disconnected from “everything that really matters” during my time off the grid. In fact, I had had exactly the opposite experience. Immersing myself in the rhythms of nature made me more aware of the richness of the present moment. I felt the warm earth beneath my feet and the gentle breeze on my skin without any impulse to Tweet about it or to make a Facebook post describing how much fun I was having. I felt a genuine connection to the people I was conversing with. And in my private moments I felt enough internal space to remember all of the things that truly give meaning to my life.

The ancient technology of yoga is designed to reconnect the practitioner to the web of life. It is also intended to act like a sieve on consciousness, removing the impurities from our minds and leaving that which is essential. When we overvalue electronic relations and divorce ourselves from our essence, surely we have reached an insane state of affairs. Let’s change that trajectory by re-appropriating time for our practice this weekend. There are plenty of classes being offered here, even through Memorial Day. And since we haven’t done a nice, long, thorough practice in a while, I figured it was time to bring back the ever-popular 50 Essential Poses. Come join me this Sunday from 1:00-3:00pm as we move through all 50 poses on the FSY syllabus. This sequence will elicit an overall feeling of balance in your body and remind your mind of its original sanity. As usual, you can sign up by clicking the big button below or by visiting our website.

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